Walls I Can Build

I can make changes to external walls or build new internal walls. I also alter or remove walls in your home. I can make openings in structural walls skillfully.

Types of Internal Walls
Most typical internal walls are of plasterboard (gyprock). Sometimes they are lined with VJ board to give a rustic charm. Both of which I can do.

I can Build it and Plaster it
I can build your partition wall/stud wall at any dimension you require. I can build doorways inside the wall with any door style you like. I can seek to match the style of existing skirting boards, install cornice and I will plaster making the wall ready for painting. I ensure and guarantee that the finish of plaster I do is proper for painting. I can in some circumstances paint the wall for you, or I can recommend a painter

Doorways and Cavity Sliders
I can build a normal doorway with a swinging door. It can have standard dimensions or be uncommonly high or wide to suit your needs. I can also build cavity sliding doors. This is when the door slides into and hides inside the wall itself, saving space compared to a swinging door.

I can build windows into your internal wall. The glass can be clear or frosted. The main benefit of this is that the light is shared between the rooms. I can also add or remove windows in an existing external wall.

Large Projects- No Problem
I can do your larger projects, involving multiple walls, doors, and ceilings.